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General Info about SeasonAlgo needed

by Sandrino87 » Sat Mar 26, 2022 10:01 am

Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new into this sowftware and I'd need some information about how it works:

1- Are all data of SeasonAlgo in real time o there are some delay? Can I avoid to do into a data subscription with my broker Interactrive Brokers?
2-Can I donwload the historical data plotted in all the analysis

3- How do you do the rollover of futures to analyze the intermarket spread? I mean you need to build a continuous contract for 2 instruments in order tO study their spread, so with instruments havinf low level of liquidity, such corn/live cattle/lean hogs and so on I need to build a custom futures with the rollover principle of the Open Interest. What do SeasonAlgo do? The same?
4- Now I exlpain my specific request--> I'd like to analyze the vix term structure in order to obtain the maximum gap between the contracts in a contango situation...
to semplify there is a Contango situation, so al contract have ascending value at the same time. I need to know historically what would be the maximum gap in contango for each combination. It's possibile to obtain this infromation?

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