Rev. 1826 New versions and changelogs

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Rev. 1826

by Roman » Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:09 pm

I would like to highlight these two important new features:

- Alerts visualization in charts
- PDF with combinations from browser available in Info=>Spreads for download

Check changelog for all changes and appropriate help page for new features explanation and usage.

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Rev. 1826
    Quick intraday switcher issue 244. Use profile menu and Intraday data option.
    Popup charts have buttons for moving to next and previous chart. issue 257
    Search & Recommend - Group by function improvement. Column filters are applied before group by function.
    Charts legends - Some charts now have legends. It's enabled by default and you can disable it in profile (Display legend in chart).
    Seasonal - Profit/Loss included in year correlation table.
    Quotes - Bold highlight of contracts in spread or outright builded position.
    PDF export - Standard spreads are now everyday pregenerated and available for download in Info - Spreads menu.
    Optimize - Quick optimize, fixed bugs, returned window must be at least 7 days long.
    Alerts visualization in charts by horizontal lines.
Bug Fixes
  Show trades in chart - fixed for outright.

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