Rev. 1300 New versions and changelogs

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Rev. 1300

by Roman » Sun May 19, 2013 9:20 am

We have brought several important improvements in this new version.

All strategies were recalculated, strategy generation algorithm is now more strict and drops less relevant strategies. You can use three new columns/indicators to find your preferred strategies. RIDX (Regression Index) evaluates quality of pattern. Corr5 (Correlation with 5 year pattern) shows you match between short term pattern (5 years) and longer term pattern (your selected history pattern), so you can filter out strategies where correlation between patterns is low. Open PL (Open Profit/Loss) shows you performance of current year in seasonal window (avg. worst/best values are used to calculate percentage). You can use Open PL to find open strategies which are in big loss and have possible opportunity to enter.

We removed limitation which allowed you to have only one active builder. You can now open more builders in different browser tabs/windows and they will not be overwritten.

Portfolio now supports commissions. Set your broker's commissions in profile and they will be automatically calculated when trade is opened or closed. You can also add and calculated commissions for all old trades in your portfolio with single click button. Static charts now have possibility to display trades, see profile for all options.

Check changelog for all changes and appropriate help page for new features explanation and usage.

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- Copy button in URL dialog
- Trades in portfolio can be displayed in static charts (can be enabled in Profile settings)
  - Builder - Multiple windows/tabs support. You can build different spread in each browser window/tab and it will not be overwritten
  - Browser - Swap legs for spread charts
  - Builder Interactive chart - Dollar calculator values are now rounded to tick size
  - Search Table - Last active row is highlighted by this color
  - Search Table - Hiding of unwanted columns
  - Search Table - Exit date column filtr now uses >= operator (you can easily filter out finished strategies)
  - Search Table - New columns (RDIX, Corr5, OpenPL%)
  - Search Table - Multiple columns sorting
  - Improved strategies algorithm - All strategies are recalculated, new algorithm is more strict and drops less relevant strategies
  - Commissions - Automatic calculation or manual editation
  - Charts sorting for Watchlist/Tradebook/Archive/Temporary issue 214
  - "Move to archive" icon in Summary/Watchlist/Tradebook/Temporary issue 181
  - Summary - Multi selection filter for folders
Bug Fixes
  - Spread/outright with same seasonal window can be saved only once in portfolio

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