Rev. 2130 New versions and changelogs

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Rev. 2130

by Roman » Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:48 pm

I would like to highlight these important new features:

- Platform Tour - which guides through the most important parts of our platform. If you are new users, we strongly recommend to pass it!
- Bulk PDF download , Time Alerts, New RRR calculation, Day marks on spread line, New tickers – MW, GO, DX

Check changelog for all changes and appropriate help page for new features explanation and usage.

Don't forget to clear browser cache!

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  Tour - We added new platform tour which guides through the most important parts of our platform. You can start it Profile button =>Platform Tour.
  Grid Tables - Datepickers (date selector) filter now has Clear and Today button
  New RRR calculation - We changed RRR calculation everywhere in platform (search, backtest etc.). Now it's calculated as RRR=Avg.Best/Avg.Worst. Search strategies from December are with new RRR. Recommend strategies from February will be with new RRR.
  Futures charts - links to builder issue 294
  Possibility to enable day marks on spread line issue 298
  New tickers in database - MW, GO, DX. issue 284
  Backtest - Equity lenght can be changed by selecting backtest lenght in the first column in summary backtest table. issue 306
  Browser - Selectbox for quick combination select. Replaces list of links on top of the page.
  Builder with Standard syntax - Legs will be automatically swapped when first leg is not with earlier expiration.
  Search - Leap days problem in search algorithm is solved. Now numbers matches classic backtest. issue 301
  Search - Move to archive icon is replaced with multiple choice folder destination.issue 282
  Search - Hidden market filter for outright issue 67
  Recommend - Move to portfolio folder button added.
  Scanner - New column RDist% shows price distance from Range - support or resistance (to which is closer).
  Tags - currently used tags for filtering are shown and can be individualy removed issue 300
  Tags - new desing when defining new tag in position edit page.
  Action folder button - Folder button which moved strategy/position to defined folder is now multiple choice, you can choose any folder as destination.
  Summary - remembers last applied sorting & filters. Enabled multi column sorting.
  Increased space between icons in portfolio issue 269
  Registration email is used as default destination when no other destination is specified
  Summary table alert icons colors: Green bell - alert is set, Red bell - at least one alert is triggered.
  Date alerts for entry/exit/fnd dates issue 274
  Link to builder in Alert email issue 303
  Price alerts table - now shows only alerts from Watchlist & Tradebook folder
  Price alerts - allows only visualization, e-mail alert is not send issue 274
  Bulk PDF download - You can select more PDF files to be downloaded in one archive (Info=>Commodities/Spreads). Max PDF files in one archive is limited to 15/spreads or 20/outright.issue 293
Bug Fixes
  Export portfolio : Some of the strategies names were reversed issue 311
  Optimize - When search window was close to FND, calculation could fail. Now it returns all correct seasonal windows.
  Summary - Tags filtering based on folders issue 304
  Wrong color and direction of trades display in chart issue 281
  Trades in chart - Avg price shown as line was too short if trades were to close. Short line was replaced by arrow.
  Wrong price alert calculation. (deployed 18.11.2013)
  The price alerts were checked during data import, it could cause a bad price calculation (deployed 19.11.2013)
  Overlay of legend and alert text in charts.issue 271

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