Rev. 2633 New versions and changelogs

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Rev. 2633

by Roman » Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:52 am

I would like to highlight these important new features:

-New Multi Analyze module is our new way how to build multi leg spreads. Currently it's in the beta phase and has some limitations (only for three and more legs spreads etc., please read help). In the next version, Multi Analyze will replace old Analyze module and multi leg capability will be integrated into the whole system (including Portfolio, Search etc.)
-Portfolio calendar gives you quick overview of your trades in Portfolio and upcoming important events. You can also easily manage your old trades in Archive.
-Search and Scanner templates - Search and Scanner forms and table filters can be saved into templates and loaded later

Check changelog for all changes and appropriate help page for new features explanation and usage.

Don't forget to clear browser cache!

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    Different behavior of datepickers. For example in builder from when enter date is selected, exit date is automatically set enter date (only if enter>=exit date).
    Maximum number of rows in tables is changed to 200. Default is changed from 10 to 50.
    Popup charts in tables - Include now actions icons (like open Analyze, Delete, Edit etc). issue 324
    Each page has its own HTML title. Allows easier navigation between multiple tabs.issue 360
    Intraday data update now respects holidays and early close.issue 336
    Popup charts title now include month name.issue 339
    Menu is now better optimized for smaller mobile screens.
    Back button in your browser now works correctly on all pages.
    Multi Analyze - New multi leg capability. Now in beta phase.
    New continuation chart including horizontal bars issue 52
    Stacked - Chart legend includes years with colors.
    Builder chart - Legend now includes point value.
    History - today line in charts (dashed black line) issue 359
    Search and Scanner templates - Search and Scanner forms and table filters can be saved into templates and loaded later. issue 226, issue 297
    Search and Scanner - Floating header - Table page scroll uses fixed header. issue 380
    Search now includes strategies for the last 15 years. issue 308
    Search and Scanner - Table filter button was removed and filter is applied by Search/Filter form button (enter key also works).
    Scanner - New columns SupDist% and ResDist% showing close price distance from support or resistance.
    Portfolio Calendar - Manipulation with old spreads from archive, FND and reports events. issue 2, issue 248
    Summary - Floating header - Table page scroll uses fixed header. issue 380
    Watchlist, Tradebook, Archive, Temporary - added Reset button to form.
    Portfolio edit page chart now uses length saved from builder. issue 319
    Date alerts - New option which allows you to be notified about spread entries from previous years.
    Price alerts and Open P/L - When intraday update is selected, new option to activate alert only during main trading hours.

Bug Fixes
    Browser - When error occurred during generation of chart then was displayed blank page, now showing paging control - user can move to another charts
    Futures - Option charts per row didn't work. View horizontal/vertical option removed, size and placement of charts now scales automatically.
    Optimize - When search window was close to FND, calculation could fail. Now it returns all correct seasonal windows.
    Optimize - When no patterns could be drawn (because of no overlapping with data series), optimize crashed. Fixed.
    Scanner ranges and SR - sometimes not shown in chart. Fixed.

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