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How to get Alerts

by moti » Wed Oct 16, 2013 5:18 pm


I draw Lines and Channel on Builder:

1) How can I save the builder , and from where I can open the file later?
2) How can I get alerts When Spread line touching the line or channel I draw?

Thank you

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Re: How to get Alerts

by Mira » Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:21 am

Hello Moti,

1) position can be saved into portfolio only from Builder. If your position isn't saved in portfolio, you can save it via Save button. Please specify portfolio folder (Watchlist, Tradebook, Archive, Temporary). QuickSave isn't portfolio folder.

When you have this position already saved in portfolio and you make some change (for example change of seasonal patterns, length paramert, drawing some information or changing indicators in flash chart) save this changes via Update button in builder.

Once you have saved position in portfolio you can find it in selected portfolio folder or in Summary you can see everything (use filter to see only selected folders). To move charts between folders, just edit the chart (pen icon) a find selectbox to change.

2) We have 2 types of alerts see

Price alerts can be set for position stored in portfolio. To set this alert just edit portfolio position and add price alert. Price alerts can be set also in portfolio summary.

Alerts screenshots ... etting.png ... tfolio.png


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