Rev. 3890 released 17.04.2016

  • Analyze
    • Futures - Continuous Split & Back Adjusted data. issue 114
    • Continuation - Term structure or Yearly roll switch.
  • Strategies
    • Markets Overview - New section which allows you to quickly go through all commodities and see what's happening on outright futures.
Bug Fixes
  • Analyze
    • Continuation view - form settings in URI params issue 499
  • General
    • Table grids - Memory leak fix
  • Portfolio
    • Portfolio Statistics - Profit/Loss calculation for Multileg spreads.

Rev. 3625 released 19.4.2015

  • General
    • Multileg integrated in the whole system.
    • New autocomplete with enhanced search and tree structure.
    • New URL structure - URL of any page can be now directly used for copy&paste. Special builder link for spread copy&paste removed.
    • Profile settings - Electronic/Pit symbols preference. issue 296
    • Builder - Shortened spread definitions. issue 112
    • Builder - Ratio spreads. issue 392
    • Table filters - Blank spaces in the beginning or the end of filter are removed.
    • New multichoice selectbox with search.
    • New data - Ethanol AC/EH, Palladium PA, Sugar White SW, New Zealand Dollar NE/6N, Robusta Coffee RC. issue 378 issue 427 issue 422
  • Analyze
    • Futures - COT data and COT index. issue 298
    • Futures - Open Interest. issue 342
    • Builder - Quicksave removed.
    • Stacked - Seasonal pattern calculated from selected years. issue 437
    • Seasonal - Spread/Patterns correlation now takes maximum lenght for each pattern (previously shortest pattern lenght was used for all patterns).
    • Fwcurve - Forward curve pattern.
    • Fwcurve - Volume and Open Interest curves. issue 430
    • Fwcurve - Forward curve statistical analysis. issue 391
    • Quotes - New quotes grid table.
    • Optimize - Win% and P/L Heatmaps.
  • Strategies
    • Search - FwCurve column - 6 months Forward curve slope to estimate contango or backwardation. issue 356
    • Search - Delta column - The longest difference between long and short leg. issue 110
    • Search - CVolume column - Current volume of the least liquid leg. issue 326
    • Search - S/R column - Support/Resistance indicator.
    • Search - S/RDist% column - Support/Resistance distance indicator.
    • Search - SPCorr% column - Spread/Pattern correlation.
    • Recommended - Templates.
    • Search & Scanner - Form reset button.
  • Portfolio
    • Uniqueness of spread with seasonal window in portfolio removed. Same spread with same seasonal window can be saved multiple times in portfolio.
    • Summary - New drilldown icon showing spreads in conflict (same ticker with opposite sides).
    • Summary - Favourites rating available as column in summary table.
    • New/edit trade - After filling wrong value and form submit, form will stay and values can be corrected.
    • Summary - Grand total of Open and Total columns.
    • Portfolio charts - Open/Closed number of contracts under the chart. issue 334
Bug Fixes
  • Analyze
    • Seasonal - Patterns correlations chart legend shows only enabled patterns (all previously).
    • Optimize - Data aligment before FND. issue 434
    • Combinations - Duplicate spreads. issue 442
    • Builder - Autocomplete now works with contract numbers. issue 65
    • Combinations, Browser - Works now for non standard spreads. issue 76
    • Builder - Combinations months are now correctly ordered. issue 132
    • Builder - Electronic currency tickers starting with number (e.g. 6E) now work. issue 275
    • Builder - Multiple spreads in browser tabs fix. issue 440
    • Combinations - Bad combinations fix. issue 442
  • Strategies
    • Search - Continuation popup chart next/previous buttons fix. issue 314

Rev. 2633 released 9.9.2014

  • General
    • Different behavior of datepickers. For example in builder from when enter date is selected, exit date is automatically set enter date (only if enter>=exit date).
    • Maximum number of rows in tables is changed to 200. Default is changed from 10 to 50.
    • Popup charts in tables - Include now actions icons (like open Analyze, Delete, Edit etc). issue 324
    • Each page has its own HTML title. Allows easier navigation between multiple tabs.issue 360
    • Intraday data update now respects holidays and early close.issue 336
    • Popup charts title now include month name.issue 339
    • Menu is now better optimized for smaller mobile screens.
    • Back button in your browser now works correctly on all pages. (IE 9 don't support this feature)
  • Analyze
    • Multi Analyze - New multi leg capability. Now in beta phase.
    • New continuation chart including horizontal bars issue 52
    • Stacked - Chart legend includes years with colors.
    • Builder chart - Legend now includes point value.
    • History - today line in charts (dashed black line) issue 359
  • Strategies
    • Search and Scanner templates - Search and Scanner forms and table filters can be saved into templates and loaded later. issue 226, issue 297
    • Search and Scanner - Floating header - Table page scroll uses fixed header. issue 380
    • Search now includes strategies for the last 15 years. issue 308
    • Search and Scanner - Table filter button was removed and filter is applied by Search/Filter form button (enter key also works).
    • Scanner - New columns SupDist% and ResDist% showing close price distance from support or resistance.
  • Portfolio
    • Portfolio Calendar - Manipulation with old spreads from archive, FND and reports events. issue 2, issue 248
    • Summary - Floating header - Table page scroll uses fixed header. issue 380
    • Watchlist, Tradebook, Archive, Temporary - added Reset button to form.
    • Portfolio edit page chart now uses length saved from builder. issue 319
  • Alerts
    • Date alerts - New option which allows you to be notified about spread entries from previous years.
    • Price alerts and Open P/L - When intraday update is selected, new option to activate alert only during main trading hours.
Bug Fixes
  • Analyze
    • Browser - When error occurred during generation of chart then was displayed blank page, now showing paging control - user can move to another charts
    • Futures - Option charts per row didn't work. View horizontal/vertical option removed, size and placement of charts now scales automatically.
    • Optimize - When search window was close to FND, calculation could fail. Now it returns all correct seasonal windows.
    • Optimize - When no patterns could be drawn (because of no overlapping with data series), optimize crashed. Fixed.
  • Strategies
    • Scanner ranges and SR - sometimes not shown in chart. Fixed.

Rev. 2130 released 19.12.2013

  • General
    • Tour - We added new platform tour which guides through the most important parts of our platform. You can start it Profile button =>Platform Tour.
    • Grid Tables - Datepickers (date selector) filter now has Clear and Today button
    • New RRR calculation - We changed RRR calculation everywhere in platform (search, backtest etc.). Now it's calculated as RRR=Avg.Best/Avg.Worst. Search strategies from December are with new RRR. Recommend strategies from February will be with new RRR.
  • Analyze
    • Futures charts - links to builder issue 294
    • Possibility to enable day marks on spread line (see settings) issue 298
    • New tickers in database - MW, GO, DX. issue 284
    • Backtest - Equity lenght can be changed by selecting backtest lenght in the first column in summary backtest table. issue 306
    • Browser - Selectbox for quick combination select. Replaces list of links on top of the page.
    • Builder with Standard syntax - Legs will be automatically swapped when first leg is not with earlier expiration.
  • Strategies
    • Search - Leap days problem in search algorithm is solved. Now numbers matches classic backtest. issue 301
    • Search - Move to archive icon is replaced with multiple choice folder destination.issue 282
    • Search - Hidden market filter for outright issue 67
    • Recommend - Move to portfolio folder button added.
    • Scanner - New column RDist% shows price distance from Range - support or resistance (to which is closer).
  • Portfolio
    • Tags - currently used tags for filtering are shown and can be individualy removed issue 300
    • Tags - new desing when defining new tag in position edit page.
    • Action folder button - Folder button which moved strategy/position to defined folder is now multiple choice, you can choose any folder as destination.
    • Summary - remembers last applied sorting & filters. Enabled multi column sorting.
    • Increased space between icons in portfolio issue 269
  • Alerts
    • Registration email is used as default destination when no other destination is specified
    • Summary table alert icons colors: Green bell - alert is set, Red bell - at least one alert is triggered.
    • Date alerts for entry/exit/fnd dates issue 274
    • Link to builder in Alert email issue 303
    • Price alerts table - now shows only alerts from Watchlist & Tradebook folder
    • Price alerts - allows only visualization, e-mail alert is not send issue 274
  • Info
    • Bulk PDF download - You can select more PDF files to be downloaded in one archive (Info=>Commodities/Spreads). Max PDF files in one archive is limited to 15/spreads or 20/outright.issue 293
Bug Fixes
  • General
    • Export portfolio : Some of the strategies names were reversed issue 311
  • Portfolio
    • Summary - Tags filtering based on folders issue 304
    • Wrong color and direction of trades display in chart issue 281
    • Trades in chart - Avg price shown as line was too short if trades were to close. Short line was replaced by arrow.
  • Alerts
    • Wrong price alert calculation. (deployed 18.11.2013)
    • The price alerts were checked during data import, it could cause a bad price calculation (deployed 19.11.2013)
    • Overlay of legend and alert text in charts.issue 271

Rev. 1826

  • Common
    • Quick intraday switcher issue 244. Use profile menu and Intraday data option.
    • Popup charts have buttons for moving to next and previous chart. issue 257
  • Strategies
    • Search & Recommend - Group by function improvement. Column filters are applied before group by function.
  • Analyze
    • Charts legends - Some charts now have legends. It's enabled by default and you can disable it in profile (Display legend in chart).
    • Seasonal - Profit/Loss included in year correlation table. issue 253
    • Quotes - Bold highlight of contracts in spread or outright builded position.
    • PDF export - Standard spreads are now everyday pregenerated and available for download in Info - Spreads menu.
    • Optimize - Quick optimize, fixed bugs, returned window must be at least 7 days long.
  • Alerts
    • Alerts visualization in charts by horizontal lines.
Bug Fixes
  • Show trades in chart - fixed for outright.

Rev. 1704

  • Strategies
    • Spreads and outrights scanner with indicators
  • Analyze
    • Combinations - added "Select/deselect all" option
    • Stacked chart - Cut FND issue 223
    • Stacked chart - Historical volatility
  • Portfolio
    • Number of contracts now supports decimal fraction
  • Alerts
    • Price alerts, Open P/L alerts
  • Intraday data are now updated only during trading hours
Bug Fixes
  • Indicator templates not applied on flash chart when set as default - issue 255
  • Commissions - user without commissions in profile could have commissions erased during trade editation

Rev. 1495

  • Shortcut keys implementation
    • Paginator - Arrow right/left moves pages to next or previous issue 224
    • Popup charts (search, summary) - Arrow up/down moves chart to next or previous in the table. Shift+A opens active row to builder in new tab, ESC closes chart.
  • Analyze
    • Stacked - Slider and other years selection improvements, channel and extreme indicators in chart. issue 228
    • Browser - PDF export issue 26
    • Fwcurvers - Forward curves including deseasonalized
    • New indicators in interactive chart - MOM Momentum, MMA Modified moving average issue 232
    • Pattern to spread aligning - Pattern and spread overlap now has to be at least one week to draw pattern.
  • Strategies
    • Search Table - Tooltips for columns issue 225
    • Search Table - Watchtlist button moves strategy to portfolio issue 94
    • Recommend - Recommended strategies for each month
  • Portfolio
    • No tags filter - It is possible to filter out positions without tag issue 163
    • Multiple tags - Tag filtering is changed, now there is "AND" operation between tags ("OR" was before).
Bug Fixes
  • Enabled zooming on mobile devices
  • Portfolio
    • Seasonal window is not possible to delete
  • Analyze
    • Fixed Reset button in builder form


  • Copy button in URL dialog
  • Trades in portfolio can be displayed in static charts (can be enabled in Profile settings)
  • Analyze
    • Builder - Multiple windows/tabs support. You can build different spread in each browser window/tab and it will not be overwritten
    • Browser - Swap legs for spread charts
    • Builder Interactive chart - Dollar calculator values are now rounded to tick size
  • Strategies
    • Search Table - Last active row is highlighted by this color
    • Search Table - Hiding of unwanted columns
    • Search Table - Exit date column filtr now uses >= operator (you can easily filter out finished strategies)
    • Search Table - New columns (RDIX, Corr5, OpenPL%)
    • Search Table - Multiple columns sorting
    • Improved strategies algorithm - All strategies are recalculated, new algorithm is more strict and drops less relevant strategies
  • Portfolio
    • Commissions - Automatic calculation or manual editation
    • Charts sorting for Watchlist/Tradebook/Archive/Temporary issue 214
    • "Move to archive" icon in Summary/Watchlist/Tradebook/Temporary issue 181
    • Summary - Multi selection filter for folders
Bug Fixes
  • Portfolio
    • Spread/outright with same seasonal window can be saved only once in portfolio


  • Charts per row implementation
  • Analyze
    • Builder (flash chart version) - added crosshair cursor & better implementation for zooming
    • Builder (flash chart version) - added Stochastic & CCI indicators Calculations use only close prices
    • Quotes - added FND column
    • Stacked - checkboxes for quick selection / deselection (All, 5y, 10y, 15y, 20y, 30y)
    • Cache for Analyze - History, Continuation, Backtest pages
    • Added - Builder info box
    • Continuation - Chart parameters form
    • Combinations - Patterns chart
  • Strategies
    • Search - user can set which columns will be visible
    • Search - multi columns sorting
    • Search - rows which are stored in your portfolio have different color of backgroud THIS COLOR
    • Search - Intra-crop spreads are marked by THIS COLOR
    • Search - Added days column into filter options
  • Portfolio
    • Optimalized summary, improved performance + maximum number of rows for this table is 100 on single page
    • Edit - now use can edit charts parameters: entry & exit date, length, patterns ... see issue 203
    • Export - user can export portfolio via profile button
    • Highlighting of spread which are in conflicts
    • Cache for portfolio (charts folders)
  • Pernament login
  • Paging - now is possible set items per page and charts per row
Bug Fixes
  • LC - FND update (was LTD, changed to FND)
  • Fixed opening of external spread/outright url - all parameters are now optimal
  • Analyze
    • Quotes - fixed calculation for direfence
    • Futures - Fixed swapped year in chart title
    • Browser - disabled showing non-standard (user defined) spreads
  • Strategies
    • Search - fixed help button see issue 205
    • Search - popup charts - fixed blank page when user open this chart link in new tab(window)
  • Portfolio
    • Filtering issue - filter was not applied, when parameters was set in url
    • Fixed url for chain icon (for allways buy syntax)
    • Fixed markets in filter form (when "Markets" was filtered in one folder and next folder didn't have same markets - nothing was displayed, now is filter canceled)


  • Intraday delayed data - On/off in profile
Bug Fixes
  • Stacked chart - spreads alignment including leap year fix
  • Backtest - RRR calculation fixed
  • Portfolio - Same spread charts uniqueness
  • Stacked chart - Possible year swap in checkboxes labels


  • Portfolio - Summary
    • Category column
  • Strategies - Search
    • Volume filter - Volume from previous year of less liquid leg at enter day
    • Channel & Extreme filter - position of spread compared to history spreads
    • Profit Factor filter
    • PL/DD*WIN filter
    • Some columns removed, some renamed
  • Project Management (Support) - Single Sign On. Login from SA to PM is not required.
Bug Fixes


  • Portfolio - Summary
    • Open Profit
    • Number of open/closed contracts
    • Table width for smaller displays (<1200) - Markets column is hidden
  • Quotes
    • Contracts table - Shows close, previous close, change, current volume and volume in previous year for enter date
    • Matrix table for spread contracts combinations
  • Datepicker Input
    • Mark for current day and selected day
    • Left/right arrow to change months
    • Display two months
  • Strategies - Favourites
    • Added "Include open" checkbox, when it is checked user will get records where is still possible make entry but entry date is out of selected range
  • User profile page
    • Billing address + fixed desing
Bug Fixes
  • Portfolio - Summary
    • Correct number of decimal places for last and avg price
    • Fixed opening of builder (length and history parameters now getting from DB for stored chart)
  • Strategies - Search
    • Fixed opening of builder (length and history default values from user setting)
  • Fixed updating of tags
  • Data correction script - Fixes bad data