Ultimate software solution for seasonal trading

Commodity seasonal spread strategies

  • 2160 seasonal strategies with 100% win for last 5years
  • 6848 seasonal strategies with win over 80% for last 10years
  • 4788 seasonal strategies with win over 80% for last 15years
  • 3155 seasonal strategies with win over 80% for last 20years
  • 1102 seasonal strategies with win over 80% for last 30years

Commodity seasonal outright strategies

  • 358 seasonal strategies with 100% win for last 5years
  • 644 seasonal strategies with win over 80% for last 10years
  • 372 seasonal strategies with win over 80% for last 15years
  • 189 seasonal strategies with win over 80% for last 20years
  • 40 seasonal strategies with win over 80% for last 30years


Technical analysis of seasonal spreads is not complicated but requires specific tools, which are not available in common retail trading platforms. We designed our platform with all seasonal spread trading nuances in mind.

  • Real time analysis of any spread or outright futures you want
  • Multi-leg spreads with ratio and equity spreads support
  • End of day and intraday delayed data
  • Cross Browser Platform running in Cloud
  • Interactive charting
  • Seasonal patterns with history up to 30 years
  • Extensive data history and different types of history charts
  • Spread combinations chart
  • Spread Backtester
  • Seasonal correlations
  • Optimize seasonal window
  • Spreads combinations browser with PDF export
  • Forward curves including deseasonalized curve, seasonal pattern and history analysis
  • The Commitments of Traders (COT) charts including indicators
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We give you thousands of strategies and smart search engine to select the strategies which suit your trading style.

  • Thousands of Seasonal Strategies for each month
  • Standard and extended seasonal window
  • Five possible backtest lengths
  • Intercommodity, Intracommodity, Intra-crop spreads
  • Smart search engine
  • Recommended monthly strategies
  • Custom indicators - Spreads moving in channel or at historical extremes, quality of the seasonal pattern, long and short term patterns correlation, open profit/loss in the seasonal window etc.
  • Favourites strategies
  • Spread scanner enables you to find interesting trades based on defined indicators
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It’s always good to have evidence of your trades. But in seasonal trading it’s very important. Seasonality is cyclic which means that next year you can trade the same opportunity. After few years you can have your own portfolio and pick trades only from it. Our portfolio management is integrated in platform and includes following:

  • Easy workflow and folder system with watchlist, tradebook and archive
  • Automatic comissions management
  • Charts overview with profit
  • Tags and priority filters
  • Summary table
  • Performance statistics and equity
  • Alerts watching your positions and open profit/loss of your portfolio
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Advanced backtester

Available retail trading platforms don’t allow seasonal and spread backtesting at all, because of its specific requirements. So we feel there is a lot of room for improvement and we started to work on full feature advanced backtester for seasonal spread trading. Nowadays it’s a still concept but we are working on a new version.

  • Backtest one spread inserted from Analyze
  • Walk-forward optimization
  • Trade management with application of stop loss and profit target
  • Different result comparison including equity chart
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It's very important to be notified when some expected or unexpected market situations arise. Broker's platforms usually don't support alerts for spreads. In our platform you can set up alerts for both outrights and spreads.

  • Price alerts - Can be set for individual charts in portfolio to watch price.
  • Open P/L alerts - Can be set to watch open profit/loss of whole portfolio or individual charts (positions).
  • Date alerts - Don't miss your seasonal window entries and exits and other important dates.

Why to trade seasonality?

Seasonality is one of the significant forces influencing commodity and futures markets and stands behind periodical price movements at specific times of the year. Seasonal behavior can be explained by many fundamental reasons, like weather cycles, trends and patterns in consumption, important annual events and many others which cause changes in supply and demand. Although we don’t have to know all seasonal fundamentals, with enough of history data, knowledge of statistics and data mining, seasonal patterns can be discovered with the help of computers. Seasonality can give us a solid edge and base for building profitable trading strategies.

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Futures spreads trading

Spread trade is the simultaneous purchase of one security and sale of a related security as one unit. Opening spread trade, we are in long and short position. This brings us a lot of advantages compared to trading outright position:

  • Spread creates a hedge
  • Low margin requirements
  • Trading opportunities
  • Anonymity and no stop running
  • Technical analysis responsiveness
  • Low time requirements
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