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    No one else offers as complete a spread trading program as you will find at Trading Educators. We are #1 in educating successful Spread Traders, and we have the most original and best resources available to you — resources, service, and professional help you won't find anywhere else from anyone else. Get started in Spread Trading by learning simple and effective trading techniques and tactics.

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    Spread trading is a simple and less risky trading technique suitable for beginner and advanced traders. provides spread trading courses as well as course of the SeasonAlgo platform for searching the spreads most suitable for seasonal trading. The SeasonAlgo course is authorised by the platform developers.

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    Wir schulen Sie umfassend von der Spreadsuche bis zur Spreadordereingabe. Mit unserem Komplettpaket, von der Schulung bis zur persönlichen Betreuung steht Ihnen im erfolgreichen Handel mit Saisonalen Spreads nix im Weg. Günstige Konditionen aufgrund unserer jahrelangen Handelspräsenz, geben wir an unsere Kunden weiter. Dabei arbeiten wir sehr zuverlässig mit unserem Partner, der Firma Interactive Brokers zusammen. Kontaktieren Sie uns!


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    Interactive Brokers (IB) is a low cost provider of trade execution and clearing services for individuals, advisors, prop trading groups, brokers and hedge funds. IB's premier technology provides direct access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 100 markets worldwide from a single IB Universal account.

    Member NYSE, FINRA, SIPC.

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