Offer for owners of the websites about trading or educators

We want to cooperate with educators, owners of the trading websites but we also welcome traders with their own blogs.

You can join our affiliate program, if you like our software.

We prefer quality before quantity, each affiliate partner will be reviewed and we approve only people from the trading industry.

When accepted, we will send you terms and conditions for our affiliate program. If you are interested contact us. Please introduce yourself and tell us what you are doing, your website etc.



We can also give you 1 month free full access, if you write a review about our software or any article about

This offer has simple conditions:

  • Article must contain 3 backlinks to website (affiliate links are not accepted)
  • We reserve right to refuse reward, article must meet some standards and can't have false or incomplete information. We will ask author to edit the article.
  • We want to approve each website in advance, please contact us. New websites without any history / audience will not be accepted.