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Our goal is to provide all in one solution for seasonal traders especially for futres spread traders.

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  • When I looked into the first time, I was amazed by the functionality of the website. Not only can you search for seasonal futures spreads or seasonal outright trades, you can also back-test and optimize your trading ideas in every possible way. In my opinion, this is a tremendous tool for every futures trader who is looking for an edge in the markets. I have been trading futures spreads over 10 years, and I am happy to use on a daily basis to search for possible spread and seasonal outright futures trades for our daily trading newsletter, Traders Notebook.
    Andy Jordan USA, Texas
  • I use every day. I like this analysator, and I remommended it to many my trading friends. I think it is the most sofisticated spread analysator on web. Thank you for it ;-)
    Zbynek1 Czech Rep., Breclav
  • I like this software , I use technical pattern of spread line to recognize reversals and pullback on this line.The Backtest give you confidence about the patterns.
    Moti Wigelman Israel
  • When I started trading spreads, I needed only basic graphs. Later I found out that understanding spreads needs further analysis and it needs more advanced tools. SA is an advanced tool, and so far the best that I have encountered.
    Arcadio Czech Rep., Prague
  • My percentage of profits has incresead in the last week and SeasonAlgo is the best partner. I plan my trades with a useful and intuitive platform but there is much more: the charts are amazing and there is no needs to use other tools.
    Michele Bon Venezia, Italia
  • Season Algo provides the most comprehensive database for seasonal trading. It is much more than just identifying trades with the highest win percentage. You can view correlation and trend channels. You can also create charts and draw studies.
    Mark Richards Los Angeles, CA
  • Season Algo represent the most sophistacated tool for trading commodities and spreads. I use it every single day for my trading analysis, decesions and trades statistics. I cannot imagine my trading without this unusually brilliant tool. Season Algo helped me to move my trading to the next level.
    Ondra Czech Republic
  • I’ve been a seasonal spread trader for years and, though using some other applications and online services, I’ve always had the feeling of being trading blindly. Having recently discovered SeasonAlgo, now I feel I really have the right tool to take full advantage of the potential of seasonal spreading. Besides that, I know of no other service providing such an extreme freedom to exploit historical and statistical data.
    Igaraba Spain, Madrid
  • Overall great tool for both analyzing and keeping track of your spread trades. Only one you will need for spreads!
    Marek Slovakia, Bratislava
  •, from my point of view, is best publicly available service for analyzing seasonal trade opportunities in futures markets nowadays. Authors are cool guys, who are able to continuously improve their service - based on users feedbacks. So yeah, I am happy with it :-)
    Tomalgo86 Czech Rep., Prague
  • You did a excellent job by building this tool. It has very good value for the money. I cannot image managing my trading portfolio or look for new strategies without it.
    Juraj Longauer Czech Rep., Prague
  • I was delighted to discover SeasonaAlgo. I had not known of its existence, and it is precisely what I was wishing for.
    Ian Berkeley, California
  • A great product that allows me to save a lot of time for my spread trading. It has increased my percentage of profits. The developers are competent in the field and very willing to implement new requirements.
    FerX Bergamo, Italy
  • Seasonalgo is complex toolbox for seasonal trading of commodities. It is usefull for trading of seasonal spreads or single commodities. SA is the first complex application I have seen and it replace several different services I used before for my trading.
    Jiri Vitovec Czech Rep., Prague
  • The best apllication for seasonal futures spread trading. I use it for planning my trades. There is well-made search engine to find seasonal trades with high profitability. I really recommend this apllication.
    Petr Novak Czech Rep., Kromeriz
  • SeasonAlgo seems to me like a very useful tool that helps me to have better orientation in the trade opportunities with benefit from seasonal behavior and it also helps me to avoid trades, which looks like a good opportunity to make money, but seasonality goes against it.
    Martin Czech Rep., Havirov
  • It´s a great software with plenty of helpful function’s, which allows me to plan, watch and trade spreads with minimal effort (time, costs..). Operating is intuitive, information’s are graphically very good presented, system functioning is without any problems …
    TomiST Slovakia, Bratislava
  • An excellent sophisticated solution for commodity spreads trading. SeasonAlgo allows you to analysis your own spreads or automatically search with min. 80 % winning seasonal trading strategies.
    Foglik Czech rep., Prague
  • I started trading futures spreads right at the time when SeasonAlgo was publicized. I had the chance to begin with this amazing piece of analyzing software instead of other well known and widely used services. And I have never had to look anywhere else. SeasonAlgo is the ultimate all-in-one solution for trading futures spreads. Outside brokerage it has all I need. I can search for new trades, deeply analyze them using History charts, Stacked chart, Backtest, draw anything I need using the flash chart and then add then simply add them to my Portfolio which I run through every morning to check what has happened last day. I am also very satisfied with the customer support which is fascinating. Thank you guys for what you have developed and offered publicly to all of us. Traders for traders!
    Jakub Czech Rep., Prague
  • I trade commodity spreads for fourth year. The analysis I have used required several different tools, but after having Seasonalgo, they are no longer needed. Seasonalgo unites these tools, is easy to use and offers many other options. I recommend Seasonalgo to all who do trading business or are about to start. It is a great helper to achieve success.
    Horicak Czech Rep., Horice
  • I was using two different applications for seasonal and technical analysis before. It was more expensive, only available offline on my computer, with EOD data only and with a zero chance to have my ideas implemented into any of the platforms. With SeasonAlgo I pay less, I have all my charts online available from any computer or mobile device, with intraday data. The platform is updated on regular basis and I can come up with my own ideas how to make it better and have those ideas implemented. Thank you guys! You can not do my trading better, but you definitely made it more practical.
    Tomas K. Czech Rep., Prague
  • I like this software , I use technical pattern of spread line to recognize reversals and pullback on this line.The Backtest give you confidence about the patterns.
    Moti Wigelman Israel
  • I love SeasonAlgo, everthing is in one place. There is no need to use other tools.
    Pavel Czech Rep., Prague
  • Thank you for excelent work boys! There is no better tool to analyze spreads out there. From my point of view there is no need to have anything else for spread analysis.
    Unca Czech Rep., Lestina
  • Before than SeasonalAlgo existed, I have really groped in the dark with the online spread services. I was a bit upset when SA became paid, but the SA is top. Guys are willing to implement any features you want.
    Lukas22 Czech Republic
  • I really like your software Season Algo and you have my respect, it seems like a dream, if I compare this SA with the programs and sources, that I had to use before for my spread trading (MRCI, Gecko and some other analytical programs and other internet pages). I use SA almost everyday and have to say, it is really comfortable when I can find out spread, compare him with similar ones, rigorously analyze him and put it in portfolio just in only one program. It really spare my time. It is great, but mabye there are too much facilities, functions and features, that I am sometime quite lost. It is probably my fault, but I think SA tends to be too complicated and complex for common user. It would be great to add some tutorials and spread help to show how to use it and why it is good to use it and implement in our trading. Thanks a lot for your work and really great program. Your content customer.
    Jan Cernocky Czech Rep., Prague
  • SeasonAlgo is one of a kind product and is currently unparalleled in its area. The guys invest a lot of time and effort in making the spread trading easier and more effective. New features (if agreed upon with more users) appears promptly and the community is friendly.
    Lemare Czech Rep., Prague
  • SeasonAlgo is really great product. It saves my time during seasonal spread analysis. Really great function is its possibility to filter spreads by many different filters and then find the one which fits for you.
    Jan Barta Czech Rep., Dobrichovice
  • Great piece of software. It helps me to search through a huge amount of spreads with minimum effort and afterwards let's me do an advanced analysis of each of chosen spread.
    Vaclav Czech Rep., Prague
  • I am very happy that you develop this analytical platform. It is really good work and useful app for me. I think, that there is nothing better. I very appreciate it. Thank you and wish you all the best.
    Ivan Czech Rep., Opava
  • This is my edge in spread trading :-) All at one place.
    Lukas Ch. Czech Rep., Prague
  • I evaluate the SeasonAlgo as a great application in comparison with MRCI. It is much more interactive and friendly user. MRCI is quite old and there is no progress. SA is coming better and better and I expect that I will use it for analysing spreads and futures too in the future. Backtest, statistics and search are the most important function in my opinion. I wish you all the best, guys!
    Pajan Czech Rep., Prague
  • Very useful and user friendly analytical platform. I know about some similar services for commodity spreads on the internet and must say, that SeasonAlgo is the best for me. It saves me a lot of time. I appreciate such a good work of the authors.
    Ivan Czech Rep.
  • Really excellent analyzing tool for spread traders. I can not imagine spread trading without SeasonAlgo.
    Mandobroker Czech Rep., Pardubice
  • I highly recommend SeasonAlgo as a primary software for Spread trading and analysis. It is a great value/price tool you will not find anywhere else, in other words, there is no comparable program which allows you to work with spread futures as SeasonAlgo for such a price. Take it!!!
    Gabriel Stefanak Slovakia, Bratislava
  • I have used paid version of MRCI before I discovered Seasonalgo. First of all I compared prices but value offered by Seasonalgo is worthy the price. Perfect application for everyone who want trade spreads seriously. Well done, thanks for it :-)
    Vladimir Herda Slovakia
  • I use SeasonalAlgo from the beginning. I subscribed to it for the entire year. I replaced the TNT and MRCI that I no longer use. The price is acceptable. I am happy with the gradual development. Technical support is also very good.
    Ales Czech Rep., Zárecka lhota
  • Perfect tool. I can recommend it to all spread traders. I can't imagine my work without this tool.
    Marek Slovakia, Kosice
  • I am a longtime user of competing company for graph processing commodity spreads. After I became acquainted with the services Seasonalgo (SA), I did not hesitate and paid yearly subscription. SA against the competition offers truly comprehensive services for commodity trading. I am really excited that SA was created and I can recommend it. Thank you.
    Petr Czech Rep., Cercany
  • Season Algo is super instrument for my trading of spreads in comparison with competitors programs. My work is more and more easier.
    ZeBe Czech Rep., Odry
  • Great "all-in-one" application. SeasonAlgo gives me everything what I need for spread trading. From the analysis, opening the trade, managing the trade, to the close of the trade.
    Piggi Czech Rep., Pardubice
  • I am using SeasonAlgo almost every day since March 2012. It is the only program, besides the broker’s platform, which one needs to trade spreads successfully. I cannot imagine to live without it.
    Miroj Slovakia, Bratislava
  • I have chosen the SeasonAlgo for its user-adaptive search options of potential trading strategies as well as its unrivalled portfolio sheets function. All in all the SeasonAlgo is on the cutting edge of all engines for seasonal-pattern oriented traders and is definitely worth the subscription.
    Petr Bohaty Australia, Gold coast
  • It's a great app for seasonal and spread trading with complex tools
    Kuba Czech Rep., Zlin
  • Saves your time. Help you to work efficiently if you are willing to. Specially with some basic knowledge about spreads, this is such a user friendly platform, that allows analyzation and monitoring of your trades in one fast and clever solution.
    Stanislav Mora The Netherlands, Spijkenisse
  • SeasonAlgo is excellent product substituting seasonal strategy searching service and charting service for one fee. I am using this service almost every day and can not imagine to trade spreads without it any more.
    Heechee Czech Rep., Ostrava
  • The best reasonably priced tool for spread analysis I found on the web.
    Branigan Czech Republic
  • SeasonAlgo is best solution for my trading. I cannot find a better helper. The best feature of SeasonAlgo is I can save so much time looking for potential spreads I want to enter. I can literally do few clicks and I have database of thousands of trades with backtest in few seconds. Thank you very much for developing this ultimate programe.
    Jakub Svec Czech Rep., Prague
  • SeasonAlgo is a unique analytical platform that should be a must-have of any spread/outright commodity trader. For me, it is the essence and core of any of my live trades.
    Martin Slovakia, Trencin
  • Great tool for any spread trader. I started to use SA since two month ago and from the early beginning the work is very intuitive and contains all information in one place to put spread/seasonals trading strategy into life.
    Josef.v Czech rep. , Hradec Kralove
  • SeasonAlgo is a great help to all futures spreads traders. It combines the advantages of MRCI statistics and Gecko TNT graphics in one tool for a reasonable price. I hope the development team will carry on with their useful work and that they will gain sufficient market share among the traders community worldwide. Czech republic
  • I have already tested more programs to analyze spreads, but finally I stayed with SA. Offers me all I need. It's a great product with people who respond to the requirements of the community.
    Jozef Randjak Slovakia, Namestovo
  • I started a few years ago with many programs and today is my main aplication for spread trading. The is excellent all-in-one solution. I appreciate especially Summary, TA, Search etc.
    FilipK Czech Rep., Pardubice
  • I'm a new reader of Seasonalgo and I'd like to inform you that is fantastic. I've been used Moore research for 5 years but your software is better.
    Cesare Marconi Italy, Roma