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Customer Survey / Feedback Evaluation

Time has come to evaluate our Survey & Feedback. We gather a lot of valuable information which will help us to continue with further development of our software based on your requests and wishes.

How to Start Using

At the beginning I would recommend you to go through the entire platform and explore the various modules and their pages (sections). Each section has detailed help (green button in the upper right corner). Start with the main page Analyze - Builder. You will get quick overview of the platform and learn how to build spreads for further analysis. You can also check out our introduction videos.

SeasonAlgo Platform Advantages

SeasonAlgo is the first and only platform designed for seasonal spread trading. Started as personal project for spread analysis, released later publicly for fellow traders, improved with ideas from the community, SeasonAlgo became a professional service available to all spread traders. The whole platform consists of several tightly integrated modules.