Major changes in new version

Major change is the support of multi leg spreads. In previous versions we worked only with outright futures or two legs spreads. Now after complete rewrite of our backend system, we offer you possibility to build literally any spread you want:

  1. Number of legs is unlimited now, currently we have artificial limit for maximum of six legs. If you need more than six legs, let us know. Without leg limit, you can build Butterflies, Condors, Crack and Crush spreads etc. And of course, you will have these multi leg spread in our Strategies Search engine
  2. We get rid of our standard and "always buys" syntaxes. Now you can build spreads with any leg sequence and buy/sell side you want. We have just kept "always buys" option in profile settings for Search engine (so spread is always swapped to buy side).
  3. We support now ratio spreads. For example -3*CL+2*RB*42+HO*42
  4. You can use now shortened spread definitions, for example C-W, C-C^, CU-CN^ etc., which will be automatically translated to their full definition.
  5. Watch for specification of the contract numbers (previous version GCK15-2PLK15, now you have to use multiplier GCK15-2*PLK15).
  6. Autocomplete recognizes not only tickers but you can also specify commodity name or spread name, for example corn, calendar, butterfly, crack etc.

You can now choose if you prefer Pit or Electronic tickers (you can change it in your profile settings). You can define spreads using both names (for example CZ15 or ZCZ15), but system will convert spread definition to Pit or Electronic tickers and will use it everywhere.

URL link can be now copied directly. In previous versions, when you wanted to save your spread link, you had to use special link button in the builder. Now you can copy link directly from your browser and not only in the builder, but everywhere.

As everything is spread for us now, we removed Type Outright/Spread filter from some forms. We added new #Legs column to the tables, which can be used for this kind of filtering. For example if you want to see only Outrights, use =1. If you want to see only two leg spreads, use =2. If you want to see only multi leg spreads, use >=3. Some forms now have new multi choice Type filter where you can select options Outright/Spread/Multileg.

We changed Favourites section little bit. If you will fill any public information in spread editing page, spread is then shown in Favourites section. You can also rate spread directly from Portfolio Summary table. We hope that these changes will help you to share some spreads with other users. If Favourites section will remain unused, we will probably remove it in the next version.

Because of rewrite of our backend system, we had to import all user data from the old system to the new system. This was done automatically, without any need of your intervention. We just recommend you to quickly check your trades in the portfolio and your alerts, if you find anything missing or suspicious, contact us and we will investigate immediately.

We hope that you like new changes and we will welcome any feedback.

Check changelog and help to familiarize with new features and bug fixes.